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Osteoarthritis Knee

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Overcoming Knee Osteoarthritis Regaining Mobility and Comfort

At Vida The Spine Clinic, comprehensive chiropractic and physiotherapy solutions are offered for osteoarthritis knee treatment in Pune. These non-surgical treatments focus on pain relief, enhancing mobility, and improving quality of life.

Imagine the discomfort of your knees rubbing together, causing pain, stiffness, and even swelling. This is a common condition known as osteoarthritis knee, where the cartilage in the knee joint deteriorates, leading to bone-on-bone friction.

Understanding the Osteoarthritis Knee Symptoms


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Pain in the Knees

Persistent knee pain is a key indicator of osteoarthritis. The pain may range from mild to severe, impacting your daily activities

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Stiffness in the Knees

Osteoarthritis can make your knees feel stiff, especially after rest or inactivity. This can make movements uncomfortable and hinder your flexibility.

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Tenderness in the Knee

The affected knee may become tender to the touch, causing discomfort even with light pressure.

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Bone Spurs

As the condition progresses, the body may form bone spurs around the knee joint, contributing to further pain and reduced mobility.

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Swelling of the Knee

Inflammation can occur, leading to swelling and feeling of fullness in the knee area.

Diagnosing Osteoarthritis Knee


X-rays play a crucial role in diagnosing knee osteoarthritis. These images provide detailed insights into the knee joint, revealing the presence of bone spurs and any joint space narrowing. A thorough examination by healthcare professionals can confirm the diagnosis and guide treatment decisions.

osteoarthritis knee treatment

    Osteoarthritis Knee Treatment

    Treatment Options

    Managing knee osteoarthritis involves a combination of approaches tailored to your specific needs. Here are some effective treatment options

    Chiropractic care can greatly reduce swelling, stiffness, and pain associated with knee arthritis. It focuses on improving knee joint function, helping you regain simple activities like walking and sitting comfortably.

    Osteopathic treatments target muscle and fascial tightness to relieve tension and enhance overall knee function. This approach can complement other treatment modalities for a comprehensive approach to managing knee osteoarthritis.

    Matrix therapy is an effective technique for reducing pain and improving the overall condition of the knee. It helps promote healing and recovery, providing relief from discomfort.

    Physiotherapy is crucial in increasing strength, flexibility, and balance through targeted exercises. Gait training exercises can improve your walking pattern and reduce knee strain, promoting better overall function.

    Taking steps to prevent further degeneration of the knee joint is essential. This may include weight management, gentle exercises, and lifestyle modifications to reduce stress on the knees

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